Google's free Science Journal app gives students a full set of measuring and notetaking tools for their STEM projects and explorations. Learn how to use the Science Journal app with Science Buddies' how-to guides and tutorials.

To help students and educators make the most of Google's free Science Journal app, Science Buddies has created a guided multi-part walkthrough tutorial that provides an overview of the app interface and general use. After reading the two introductory posts in this series, consult the tutorial for the specific sensor you are using for additional information, screenshots, and examples.

Introduction to Google's Science Journal App

Learn More About Specific Sensors in Science Journal App

What Can You Do with Google's Science Journal App?

Find Projects that Use the Science Journal App

Projects that can use the Science Journal app are marked with a cellphone icon icon google science journal app in the search results. You can view all Science Journal app-enabled projects here. (Educators can view Lesson Plans and additional information for using the Science Journal app with students here.)

Download the Science Journal App

To start experimenting with Google's Science Journal app and exploring the world around you, download the app for your iOS or Android device.

Download Science Journal on Android Download Science Journal on iOS

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