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10+ Valentine's Day Candy Science Projects

In celebration of Valentine's Day, take a look at 10+ exciting hands-on chemistry, food science, physics, and math projects that involve candy.

  1. Bend or Break? Candy Science
  2. M&M Geometry
  3. Candy Waterfalls: Can Candy Flow Like Water?
  4. Candy Camouflage
  5. Candy Snap
  6. M&M Math
  7. Candy Geodesic Dome
  8. Dancing Candy Hearts
  9. Making A Candy Waterfall: Can Solids Flow Like Liquids?
  10. Candy Color Chromatography
  11. Family Math: M&M Color Statistics
  12. Temper, Temper, Temper! The Science of Tempering Chocolate *
  13. Forensic Science: Building Your Own Tool for Identifying DNA
  14. Erupting Diet Coke® with Mentos®

For more great hands-on science projects and activities for Valentine's Day, see 12 Valentine's Day STEM Activities.

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Photo collage of various candies used in ten different science experiments

10 Plus Science Experiments using Candy: Hands-on STEM with Science Buddies. www.sciencebuddies.org

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