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What's your Periodic Table style? Do you like things: light (He)? with a bit of patina (Cu)? on the salty side (Na)? noxious (N)? fire-retardant (Br)? metallic (In)? radioactive (Pu)? With 118 elements on the Periodic…

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Students who completed one of the projects listed can enter our iTunes gift card giveaway.

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The first Google Science Fair is happening this year! Designed to be an all-inclusive competition, Google Science Fair 2011 open to students ages 13-18, worldwide. Students are eligible to participate either as individuals or in teams of up to…

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Applications are being accepted for the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing until October 15, 2010. U.S. high school girls, grades 9-12, who are interested in computer science or technology are encouraged to apply! Sponsored by the National…

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The USA Science & Engineering Festival's Kavli Science Video Contest is a great opportunity for budding cinematographers and scientists to capture "science" on camera and answer the question: "Why is Science Cool?" (Deadline: July 15, 2010)

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AMD and the Learning Games Network have teamed up to run a cool contest for video gamers who can turn on a video camera and capture in digital frames the educational underpinnings of video gaming. Sure, video games can be lots of fun, but with…

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