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October 9, 2023 3:00 PM
Use these free chemistry lesson plans, experiments, and activities to teach and explore chemical reactions with K-12 students. A chemical reaction occurs when two or more substances (reactants) are mixed together and result in one or more new substances (products). When teaching about chemical reactions, educators show chemical reactions in action and, when possible, let students get hands-on exploring reactions. With classroom science experiments,… Read more
September 25, 2023 1:00 PM
Covering forces and laws of motion in science class? Try one of these five free lesson plans to help students get hands-on with physics. Teach Forces and Motion with 5 Free experiments Teaching elementary and middle school students about forces, motion, energy, and Newton's laws is an important part of standards-based science curriculum. At Science Buddies, we know that getting kids hands-on with these concepts can be a powerful way to help them learn… Read more
September 15, 2023 3:00 PM
Use these free STEM lesson plans, projects, and hands-on STEM activities to explore space science and the solar system with students. These science projects, STEM activities and NGSS-aligned lesson plans help educators create hands-on learning opportunities to teach about space science, the solar system, and Mars, in the context of the Perseverance rover. At the bottom of this resource, you will find a list of independent space science projects… Read more
September 8, 2023 3:00 PM
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to help students get hands-on building, testing, and exploring the science of energy and the different types of potential and kinetic energy. From the classic snake-in-a-can prank to stretching and shooting rubber bands across the room, bouncing a basketball, or rolling a marble down a ramp, kids know energy in motion when they see it. The world is full of energy, and energy is constantly being used,… Read more
September 1, 2023 3:00 PM
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to help students get hands-on experimenting with the science and chemistry of mixtures and solutions. Most students have a basic concept of "mixtures." They have combined ingredients in the kitchen. They know that beverages, paints, and glues are mixtures. They may realize that blood is a mixture, as is the air we breathe. They know that some things "mix" well and others don't and that some mixtures are… Read more
August 22, 2023 3:00 PM
Discover STEM Lessons for Your K-12 Classroom What are you teaching this week? Next week? Next month? Mixtures and solutions? Types of energy? States of matter? Forces of motion? Biodiversity? Newton's laws of motion? Health and human body systems? Magnetism or electromagnetism? Density? We know educators spend a lot of time searching for quality lessons to fit their curriculum needs each year. Not only do you want quality materials that align with your class… Read more
July 31, 2023 4:00 PM
Free STEM projects, experiments, lessons and activities to teach students about the science of visible light. The free STEM projects, experiments, lessons and activities below help educators teach K-12 students about the physics of light, specifically, visible light, with hands-on exploration and active learning. The resources below have been grouped by grade band to help educators select the experiments and lessons that best fit their needs. (Note:… Read more
June 16, 2023 3:00 PM
Use these free STEM projects, lessons, and activities to help students get hands-on exploring and learning about solar system science. The Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and space are concepts students identify early on. The names of the planets quickly follow, along with stars and the reality that the Sun, too, is a star and is the closest star to Earth. Students learn that the Earth is one of eight planets in our solar system, a group of planets that… Read more
June 5, 2023 3:00 PM
Use these free STEM lessons, experiments, and activities to teach science and engineering related to cars and to explore core science concepts with homemade cars. Rev Up STEM Learning — Car Science Experiments for Science Class and Science Fair Educators can use DIY cars made from simple materials to teach students about science and engineering related to the design, building, testing, and safety of cars and to demonstrate and explore general… Read more
April 24, 2023 1:00 PM
Use these free lesson plans and activities to teach students about plant science—hands-on STEM options for all grade levels! Plant science, botany, plant ecology, and plant biology can be introduced to students and explored at all grade levels. To support you in teaching K-12 students about plant science, we have a range of resources that can work well in a wide range of settings: Lesson Plans Activities Student Projects Related… Read more
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