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A massive oil spill off of the Gulf of Mexico has had environmentalists watching the winds in hopes that the oil wouldn't wash ashore. The oil spill threatens the habitats and health of many coastal species.

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I was on my way to the car one morning last week, and as I rounded the car to open the door, I noticed the repetitive trill of a bird. It was loud, persistent, and close. Stopping to listen, I swiveled around, searching the early morning street.…

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As you observe Earth Day 2010 today, it's the perfect time to talk with students of all ages about conservation, recycling, and the importance of being good caretakers for the Earth. The following newly released Science Buddies science project can…

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Eruptions this week of a volcano that sits beneath a glacier in Iceland forced the evacuation of local residents who were in the path of the meltwater run-off from the glacier as surface melting occurred in response to the energy and temperature underground.

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Falconium boasts savvy design, engaging art, and a wide range of student-authored science articles. A student-run journal being put out by students at Torrey Pines High School in Encinitas, CA is giving science students a rare…

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In the Sliding Light: How to Make a Dimmer Switch project, Johnson found a good match for his interest in circuits and electronics--and a novel use for a #2 lead pencil!

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An explosion yesterday in the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia is responsible for at least 25 deaths. The cause of the explosion is as yet undetermined, but there is speculation that methane gas built up in a section of the mine that had been sealed off.

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Staff Scientist Dave opened a Science Buddies meeting with a small can of breath spray, a gas grill igniter, a film-canister, a homemade wooden apparatus to "hold" the canister in place, and the question: "Is it okay if I set this off in here?" Read why this project is one of his favorites.

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Whether you're an amateur astronomer or just one to look out the window at night from time to time and notice a particularly bright moon, it's been a year of big sightings in the night sky.

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It's certainly easier to sit back and enjoy the kite masters on the beach than to fly your own, but if you've got ideas about design, structural engineering, or aerodynamics, a kite offers instant gratification and a high-flying step up from what you can test with a paper airplane!

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