Tenth Grade Cybersecurity Science Projects (2 results)

The security on this computer program has been compromised.
Personal messages, photos, banking information, credit card numbers, names, addresses, health records—a lot of your family's private information is stored on computers and zipping through the Internet! Cybersecurity is the act of keeping information, ranging from embarrassing baby photos to national secrets, private and viewed by only the right people. Try your hand at keeping online information safe with one of our cybersecurity science projects. For lesson plans, see our K-12 Cybersecurity Teacher's Resource.
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Science Fair Project Idea
When you hear the word "encryption," you might think about modern computers and things like email and online bank accounts. But did you know that encryption has been around for thousands of years? In this project you will learn about the Caesar cipher, a simple type of encryption that replaces each letter of the alphabet with another letter, and demonstrate how a modern computer can crack this ancient code in just a few seconds. Read more
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Time Required Short (2-5 days)
Prerequisites Experience with Python or another programming language of your choice.
Material Availability This project requires a computer.
Safety No issues
Science Fair Project Idea
We use passwords every day for our email and other computer accounts. How secure is the password that you use? How hard would it be for someone to guess your password? How hard is it to write a computer program to guess a password? You can see for yourself by writing a simple password guesser in the computer language Python. We will get you started with some ideas, a little sample code, and a few passwords for your computer program to try and guess. Read more
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Time Required Average (6-10 days)
Prerequisites Experience with Python or another programming language. This is not a beginner-level programming project, and is only recommended for students who have at least some experience in programming.
Material Availability Computer with internet access and permission to install software
Cost Very Low (under $20)
Safety Hacking into other people's password-protected accounts is a federally prosecutable offense. The program example given in this science project will only work in the context of this science project.