Eighth Grade Mammalian Biology Science Projects (4 results)

Do you love furry animals — studying them or even playing with them? Maybe you wonder why your pet loves that certain ball, or shakes hands with one paw more than the other. Or maybe you are curious about how bats navigate through the dark. Then you're sure to enjoy these mammalian biology science fair project ideas, many of which you can try with your pet or other friendly animals you know!

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Science Fair Project Idea
Do you have bats in your neighborhood? Have you heard them "whoosh" by you, but not been able to see them? In this science fair project, you will be able to detect flying bats by listening in on the ultrasonic signals they produce to locate objects in their environment. The bat detector is a useful and fun tool for studying the biology of this nocturnal flying mammal. Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
As your mom and dad always tell you, a healthy diet is important to good health. This project is designed to see what happens to mice when they are allowed to load up on sugary snacks. Do you think that they will gain excess weight? Do you think that the mice will regulate their own intake and maintain a 'healthy' diet? You can try this project and find out for yourself. Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
The great majority of people have a distinct hand preference. How about animals like dogs or cats? Do they show a paw preference? If you like animals, this science fair project might be for you. Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
Cats are great house pets, but as every cat observer knows, they are also instinctive hunters. This experiment provides an interesting way to learn about cat behavior. You'll play bird call recordings for pet cats, and watch to see if the cat pays attention to the sound (by turning towards it) or ignores it. Will a pet cat distinguish between the calls of local birds vs. non-local birds? Read more
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