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Simple Science Activities with Cardboard Tubes

Beat Spring Fever in science class with fun hands-on science activities that use cardboard tubes. These activities are simple to plan but offer creative learning opportunities for all ages!

Photo collage of five STEM projects based around cardboard tubes

Five STEM Activities with Cardboard Tubes: Science Activities at Science Buddies. www.sciencebuddies.org/stem-activities

Testing schedules and the approach of the end of the school year can make it hard to keep students engaged. Hands-on activities that reinforce STEM learning and encourage creativity and innovation with simple materials can be a perfect antidote to Spring Fever in the science classroom.

These five hands-on activities all use simple cardboard tubes. Gather recycled paper towel or toilet paper tubes and some craft materials and add one of these creative science or engineering projects to your calendar:

  1. Build a Robot Hand: explore robotics (no electronics required!) when you use cardboard tubes and recycled or craft materials like modeling clay, straws, and rubber bands to design a robotic hand.
  2. Build Your Own Sports Equipment: use cardboard tubes (taped together if you need them longer) to make sports equipment like golf clubs or baseball bats. What innovative designs will your students come up with?
  3. Make a Kazoo: use a cardboard tube to experiment with sound using a homemade kazoo.
  4. Make a Cotton Ball Launcher: use a cardboard tube, a pencil, and a rubber band to make a fun launcher. How far can a cotton ball go?
  5. Junkbots: Robots from Recycled Materials: use cardboard tubes to design and build robots from recycled materials. (A few specialty electronics parts, or the Bristlebot Kit, are also required.)

For these and more STEM projects and activities using cardboard tubes, see 10 STEM Activities with Cardboard Tubes.

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