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Digital Classroom: Scientific Method Quiz

Teachers can take advantage of new, interactive tools at Science Buddies to assess student understanding of the Scientific Method. New quizzes help teachers assess student learning and can be easily added to Google Classroom as student assignments.

Digital Classroom: Scientific Method Quiz can now be assigned in Google Classroom

The Scientific Method

At Science Buddies, students in grades K-12 can learn about doing a science project from start to finish. When it is time to select a project, students can choose from more than 1,100 scientist-authored project ideas and activities.

Our Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process pages introduce students to step-by-step approaches often used in science and engineering research and experimentation. These pages in our Project Guide present the Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process (sometimes called the Engineering Method) each as a series of actionable steps that may help guide an experiment or research project.

Many educators teach or review these approaches to science and engineering before students choose and begin working on hands-on projects, and our overview of the Scientific Method is one of the most-utilized resources at Science Buddies. Our visual diagram of each method helps teachers talk with students about the steps of the Scientific Method and the Engineering Design Process in terms that are accessible and appropriate for student-level research and experimentation. Our chart showing the similarities and differences between the Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process helps students compare the two approaches.

New Interactive Tools Help Reinforce Science Learning

Science Buddies recently introduced quizzes that teachers can assign to assess student comprehension of certain parts of the Project Guide, including the Scientific Method. With our Google Classroom Integration, teachers can assign students to read the Scientific Method resource (or teach this independently in class) and then assign a supplemental quiz to help assess student learning. These quizzes help teachers determine how well students understand the material and also help students review the information they have read or covered in class.

Both beginner and intermediate quizzes are available, allowing teachers to select the quiz most appropriate for their students. Teachers may also choose to use the two quizzes as before and after quizzes, assessing comprehension at the start of covering the Scientific Method and then re-assessing student understanding at the end of the unit.

Science Buddies and Google Classroom

With our Google Classroom Integration, it is easy for teachers to assign the Scientific Method quiz. Students can then follow the link from Google Classroom to take and submit the quiz at Science Buddies. Teachers can review, score, and return each student's submission at Science Buddies.

The basic steps to add the Scientific Method quiz to Google Classroom are outlined below.

  1. Log in at Science Buddies as a Google Classroom teacher.
  2. Go to the Google Classroom Integration page and view the list of assignable Scientific Method resources.

    Google Classroom Integration page

  3. Select either the beginner or intermediate quiz.

    Select the quiz from the list of interactive tools

  4. Click the "Create Assignment" button on the quiz page.

    Create Assignment button

  5. Fill in the assignment information (e.g., assignment details, due date, and points possible) and click the "Create Assignment" button to add the assignment to Google Classroom. (Note: If you want to assign the same resource again, click the "Need to create this assignment again?" link.

    Add assignment details

  6. Students will be notified of the assignment and see it in their Google Classroom streams.
  7. Students can follow the link from Google Classroom to Science Buddies to take the quiz.

    Students see assignment in Google Classroom

  8. If they are not logged in, they will be prompted to log in. Students should choose "Log in with Google Classroom" and select the "Student" option. If they do not yet have Science Buddies accounts, they will be guided to create these accounts to allow their completion of Google Classroom assignments. (For more information about logging in, see: Digital Classroom: Making the (Login) Connection.)
  9. After completing the quiz, students click the "Turn In" button to submit the assignment. (The "Save" button allows a student to save the work and come back and finish at a later date.)

    Turn In Quiz

  10. Once the student uses the "Turn In" button, the quiz answers can no longer be altered. (Note: after turning in the work, the student will see the completed quiz on the screen but will not see whether or not the answers selected are correct.)

    Confirm Turn In

  11. Student submissions are visible to the teacher in Google Classroom. To view a student's answers, click the student's submission.

    Students who are done

  12. The student's quiz responses will be shown on the screen at Science Buddies. Incorrect answers will be marked in red. Correct answers are shown in green.
  13. Review the submission and enter the grade and any comment (optional). Then click the "Return Assignment" button.

    Score the work at Science Buddies

  14. A pop-up screen will confirm that you have returned the work.

    Confirm score

Try Google Classroom Integration and the New Quizzes!

Many teachers have already used the new Scientific Method quiz with their students. We encourage you to try our Google Classroom Integration, too. If you are teaching the Scientific Method (or the Engineering Design Process), assign the resource at Science Buddies and the corresponding quiz.

Interested in learning more about Science Buddies and Google Classroom Integration? See other posts in our Digital Classroom series, including walkthroughs that help you assign the Topic Selection Wizard or make science reading assignments!

If you have additional questions about using Google Classroom with Science Buddies, see our Google Classroom Integration FAQ.

We would love to hear your feedback on these new interactive features.

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