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Ebola Fighters Receive TIME Recognition

Ebola fighters TIME Person of the year covers from Twitter post
TIME tweeted the announcement with a snapshot of all the cover photos.

Today, TIME announced this year's Person of the Year—the Ebola Fighters. This general "grouping" of people is represented with cover photos paying tribute to five people who have played a notable humanitarian role in the Ebloa epidemic. Each person has a different story and a different experience with Ebola. Taken together, the group is an inspiring set of people making a global impact in the midst of what remains an unsolved and frightening health care epidemic.

To read more about TIME's selection, see the following articles:

Making Real-world Connections

Students can learn more about the science being used and researched as the Ebola crisis continues by exploring a related science project. For relevant project recommendations in areas of microbiology, biomedical technology, genomics, human biology, and even mammalian biology, see the Ebola: Understanding the Science of Viral Outbreaks special interest collection at Science Buddies.

For additional information and context in which to discuss and explore student science angles related to the global healthcare crisis, see Ebola Outbreak Reaches Epidemic Proportions in West Africa on the Science Buddies Blog.


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