Get a reaction from students when you add these fizzy, foaming, fun projects to science class!

Photo collage of five projects based around bubbles

Five Foaming, Fizzing, and Bubbling Science Projects!

All five of these hands-on science activities involve a chemical or physical reaction that is simple to trigger and a lot of fun to watch! Try one of these STEM projects to shake things up with projects that fizz, foam, or bubble!
  1. Make an Alka-Seltzer Powered Lava Lamp: Alka-Seltzer® + mineral or vegetable oil and water
  2. Make a Lemon Volcano: baking soda + lemon (citric acid)
  3. Elephant Toothpaste: water and dry yeast + hydrogen peroxide and dish soap
  4. Make a Fire Snake: lighter fluid and sand + baking soda and sugar
  5. Erupting Diet Coke® with Mentos®: Diet Coke® + Mentos®

See these experiments in action in this science video:

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