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5 Fizzing, Foaming, and Bubbling Science Projects!

Get a reaction from students when you add these fizzy, foaming, fun projects to science class!

Photo collage of five projects based around bubbles

Five Foaming, Fizzing, and Bubbling Science Projects! www.sciencebuddies.org/stem-activities

All five of these hands-on science activities involve a chemical or physical reaction that is simple to trigger and a lot of fun to watch! Try one of these STEM projects to shake things up with projects that fizz, foam, or bubble!
  1. Make an Alka-Seltzer Powered Lava Lamp: Alka-Seltzer® + mineral or vegetable oil and water
  2. Make a Lemon Volcano: baking soda + lemon (citric acid)
  3. Elephant Toothpaste: water and dry yeast + hydrogen peroxide and dish soap
  4. Make a Fire Snake: lighter fluid and sand + baking soda and sugar
  5. Erupting Diet Coke® with Mentos®: Diet Coke® + Mentos®

See these experiments in action in this science video:

5 Easy Fizzing & Foaming Science Projects

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