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24 Halloween Science Experiments!

From icky slime to candy coatings, fake blood, wearable LEDs, a fire snake, and things that foam, light up, or glow in the dark, we have STEM suggestions for spooky, Halloween-themed science and engineering to explore with students!

24 Halloween STEM activities, including balloon car, lava lamp, and pumpkin veggie power
Update! This post has been updated for 2023!

Halloween Science and Engineering Projects!

Trick or treat! It's Halloween season! With its emphasis on the ghostly, the ghoulish, the gruesome, the spooky, the icky, and, of course, the sweet (to eat), Halloween brings an assortment of exciting themes to October. Science Buddies has science and engineering projects, activities, and experiments that tie in with Halloween and can make for great classroom, home, or independent science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning opportunities. With a bit of trick-or-treat-inspired thinking, teachers can plan fun Halloween-themed activities for science class!

Here are some of our favorite Halloween-themed science and engineering experiments to do with students at school or kids at home.

Free K-12 Halloween-themed Science Projects, STEM Activities, and Experiments

Try one of these 24 activities for hands-on science you can easily "dress up" for Halloween:

  1. How to Make Slime (Teachers! See also the Slime Shop: Engineer Your Own Slime lesson plan.)
  2. Electric Play Dough
  3. Use Sewable Circuits to Make Cool Costumes and Accessories
  4. Candy Core Samples
  5. Making Shadow Puppets
  6. Make an Alka-Seltzer Powered Lava Lamp
  7. 3D Print with Sand: No 3D Printer Required!
  8. Make a Fire Snake
  9. The Physics of Fake Blood
  10. Explore Glow-in-the-Dark Water!
  11. Wearable Light-up STEM
  12. Mouthwatering Candy Melt
  13. Make a Lemon Volcano (See also these other foaming, fizzing, and bubbling ideas.)
  14. Candy Corn Geodesic Dome
  15. Building a Halloween Brushbot
  16. Build a Balloon Car (A lesson plan is available!)
  17. Halloween Robots
  18. Pumpkin Power
  19. Light-up Glove
  20. Candy Color Chromatography
  21. Colored Shadows
  22. Build an Arduino Strobe Light for the Stroboscopic Effect
  23. DIY Light Up Unicorn Headband
  24. Design an LED Temporary Tattoo

Do More!

For even more fun Halloween science project ideas, see: Spooktacular Halloween Science Projects.

In addition to our Halloween collections, you and your students may enjoy activities and experiments from these "wizardly" science collections:

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Examples from 20 different Halloween STEM activities and experiments for spooky science fun, including lava lamp, balloon car, pumpkin power, and more

Share Your Story!

What's your best Halloween-themed idea for hands-on science and engineering with students? We would love to hear how you tie Halloween in with your science class.

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