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Light Up Your Creativity with Electric Play Dough

Kids can add a kick of STEM to the equation when they integrate LEDs and circuits to their play dough creations!

Hands-on Creative Science

Rolling a ball or making a snake from dough can be fun for all ages. With simple electronics concepts and two different kinds of dough (insulating and conductive), students can add LEDs to their dough creations using the Electric Play Dough Kit from the Science Buddies Store.

The Electric Play Dough Kit can be used with the following series of hands-on science projects and activities that introduce students to circuits:

Do Science at Home!

The Electric Play Dough kit and projects are great for creative, hands-on science exploration at home. Kids can use the series of projects (listed above) or follow the directions in this fun, family-friendly science activity: Squishy Circuits: Light Up Your Play Doh® Creations!

Learn more about the Electric Play Dough kit

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