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Make Your Own Kazoo

In this family STEM activity, perfect timed for summer parades, kids make kazoos and experiment to find out what gives a kazoo its sound.

Two homemade kazoos made from a cardboard tube with plastic sheets held over one end with a rubber band

Kazoo Science

With just a few household and craft materials, kids can make their own kazoos and explore the physics behind this classic noisemaker. A kazoo resembles a flute or clarinet, but your kids may be surprised to learn that a kazoo is more closely related to a drum!

Following the steps of this week's family science activity, kids make their own kazoos and test at each stage of assembly to better understand the physics behind how a kazoo makes noise. Once the kazoo is complete, kids can experiment to find ways to improve their instrument's noisemaking abilities! This science project is perfect for summer noisemaking fun!

The following Science Buddies activity has all the information you need to do this science activity with your students at home: Can You Kazoo?

Making Connections

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