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Paper Rocket Aerodynamics

Make paper rockets you can launch by blowing through a straw and experiment to find out how changing the design can change how the rockets fly with this family STEM activity.

Paper Rocket Aerodynamics / Family Science Activity

Making a paper rocket that you can launch by blowing through a straw is an easy hands-on activity sure to engage paper airplane folders and rocket enthusiasts alike. You can easily turn this paper-based pastime into a STEM activity by exploring the design of the paper rocket. What challenges does a straw-blown paper rocket have as it flies through the air? How can modifications to the design of the rocket help stabilize the rocket or help it fly farther?

The same crowd that enjoys comparing different paper airplane designs or turning the physics of launching balls with the Ping Pong Catapult into a target-oriented game will be quick to grasp the ways that exploring the science involved in the design of a paper rocket can influence how well and how far it flies. On the ground, we can see how design elements can be added to a product to increase stability. Why is a tricycle easier to balance than a bicycle, for example? With this week's family science project, a fun home activity gets a boost of STEM as family's make different paper rockets and test to see whether or not design elements like fins make a difference.

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