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Build a Simple Special Delivery Robot for Valentine's Day

Get creative and build your own Valentine's Day Special Delivery robot!

Three photos show a pink valentines themed vibrobot carrying heart-shaped candies

Special Delivery! Use paper, craft materials, and creative thinking to turn a simple vibrating robot into a Valentine's Day delivery bot! www.sciencebuddies.org

From Simple Vibrobot to Special Delivery

All you need to make a simple vibrating robot (a vibrobot) is a battery and a motor. With these basic electronics parts, students can experiment create robots that shuffle around. With toothbrush heads, students can make toothbrush-head Bristlebot robots. But challenging students to experiment with other options for bodies, legs, and feet makes for hands-on STEM fun. The Junkbots activity and Vibrobots project idea at Science Buddies guide students in building simple robots with a range of materials. Students can use everyday craft materials, creative thinking, and a few electronics parts to design and build their own clever and cute robots.

Creative STEM

The Valentine's Day robot shown above and in the following video is a simple vibrobot with a body and legs constructed from paper and glue.

Valentine's Day Candy Delivery Robot

What will your special delivery robot look like? Get creative with vibrobots and try all kinds of different materials for robot bodies, arms, and legs. How will a robot with pipe cleaner legs move compared to a robot with legs made from paper or paperclips? Put your questions to the test to find out!

Learn More

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Free Educator Lesson Plans

Teachers can lead in-class robotics exploration with students using the Vibrobots— Tiny Robots from Scratch or Building Junkbots—Robots from Recycled Materials lesson plan. Lesson plans are NGSS-aligned and contain background information for teachers, suggested topics for classroom discussion, directions for a hands-on activity, a worksheet, and an assessment. (View all Lesson Plans)

Bristlebot Kit

The Science Buddies Bristlebot Kit contains the specialty parts needed to experiment with vibrobots, junkbots, toothbrush-head Bristlebots, the ArtBot, or the BrushBot. Depending on the project or activity, you will need assorted craft materials. The Bristlebot Kit is available from Home Science Tools.


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