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3 Lesson Plans for Super Bowl Week

Score points with your science classes with free lesson plans for 3 catapult science projects for the classroom.

Photo collage of three ball launcher projects

Three Catapult Science Lesson Plans for Super Bowl Week: Hands-on Science Lessons. www.sciencebuddies.org

Is Super Bowl Sunday generating excitement among your students? Talking about (or making) catapults and exploring questions related to physics, engineering, and math is a great way to tie the big game and the science of football to science class.

These three Lesson Plans help educators lead catapult science activities with middle school students:

  1. Ping Pong Catapult
  2. Ball Launcher Challenge
  3. Volleyball Machine Challenge for Middle School

Note: The Volleyball Machine Challenge is the 2019 Fluor Engineering Challenge. Lesson Plans are also available for grades 3-5 and high school.

For even more fun hands-on science activities involving catapults, see 11 Launch and Catapult Science Projects. See also: Football Science Projects for Super Bowl Sunday STEM


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