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3 Lesson Plans for Super Bowl Week

3 Lesson Plans for catapult science projects in the classroom.


Paper Rockets at the Library

Science Buddies' Lesson Plans help librarian do Paper Rockets with students as part of an ongoing STEM series at the public library!


Lesson Plans for Sound Science

Science Buddies Lesson Plans to help educators teach students about sound.


Plastic Pollution and World Oceans Day

For World Oceans Day, talk with students about ocean pollution and the need to reduce the amount of plastic trash flowing into waterways.


Free Lesson Plan to Model the Odds of Developing an Autoimmune Disease

DNA Day! Free NGSS-aligned genetics Lesson Plan guides activity to model the odds of developing an autoimmune disease


Lesson Plans for Real-world Environmental Science

New Lesson Plans from Science Buddies support middle and high school classroom exploration of sensor-based technologies for environmental monitoring.


Put a Heart Health Spin on Valentine's Day

Celebrate heart health in February with the help of two lesson plans that use hands-on classroom activities to introduce circulatory system concepts to elementary school students.


Classroom Science for Flu Season

A free Lesson Plan for middle school helps teachers lead a STEM activity that can be connected to discussions about flu season.


Genetic Mutation and Taste Lesson Plan

New Lesson Plan uses a simple taste test to help students understand genetic mutation firsthand. Not everyone will detect the taste of phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). What does this mean and what can students learn about genetics from investigating the…


When Your Science Project Opens a Wormhole--Alternate Universe Movie for Science Class

Pair the Alternate Universe movie with a black holes lesson plan for space-bending science class fun!


New NGSS Lesson Plans

Science Buddies announces the availability of twenty NGSS-aligned lesson plans for K-12 STEM educators.


Lesson Plans Help Teachers Put Hands-on Science on the Calendar

Science Buddies Lesson Plans make it easier than ever for teachers to confidently lead standards-based science and engineering experiments and activities with their students.

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