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August 5, 2019 1:00 PM
The Google Classroom button at Science Buddies makes it easy for teachers to add STEM resources to Google Classroom as assignments or as announcements! Back to school with the Google Classroom button! Our push-button Google Classroom integration makes it easy for teachers to add resources from Science Buddies to Google Classroom for use in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes. The flexible "Google Classroom" button lets you create… Read more
November 14, 2018 2:00 PM
Are your students doing science research related to their science projects? Do you talk with students about world events and science news? The news feed at Science Buddies makes it easy to locate science news articles, and Google Classroom teachers can make reading assignments directly from the Science Buddies site. Two cropped screenshots show a search filter being used to find a news article on the website ScienceBuddies.org. The screenshot on the left shows a search… Read more
September 26, 2018 1:00 PM
Google Classroom teachers can use topics to keep their classwork page organized. Find out how to move your Science Buddies assignments into topics in Google Classroom. Add your Science Buddies assignments to your Google Classroom topics. Creating topics within Google Classroom is a great way to organize your assignments and announcements into thematic units. Whether you group assignments and resources for single explorations (e.g., Monday's lab) or set… Read more
August 29, 2018 10:00 PM
If finding a project is the stumbling block, Science Buddies has the answer! The Topic Selection Wizard helps match students with projects that may be of interest. With our easy Google Classroom integration, you can turn project finding into a classroom assignment! Help students find a great science project. Assign the topic selection wizard! Finding a Project Many students struggle to come up with an exciting science project idea. The good news is… Read more
August 14, 2018 3:00 PM
Science Buddies' convenient Google Classroom integration now enables teachers to add STEM resources from Science Buddies to Google Classroom as assignments or as announcements! Science Buddies expands support for Google Classroom. Meet the new button! www.sciencebuddies.org If you have used Science Buddies with Google Classroom in the past to make assignments for your science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes, you will notice a change… Read more
September 8, 2017 12:30 AM
Using Science Buddies with Google Classroom makes it easy for teachers to add science assignments to Google Classroom. Don't let login issues slow you and your students down! Here's what you need to know about logging in at Science Buddies to make or turn in assignments. A cropped screenshot of a Google Classroom account log in shows two log in options: one for a student account and another for a teacher account. Our "Create Assignment" button and… Read more
September 6, 2017 9:00 PM
The new Teacher Dashboard gives teachers a one-stop spot to manage Science Buddies assignments for Google Classroom! A cropped screenshot of a teacher dashboard for Google Classroom is built into the ScienceBuddies.org website. The teacher dashboard shows assignments and a student list to track submissions and grades. The Teacher Dashboard is now available! The Teacher Dashboard provides a centralized place for Google Classroom teachers to view their… Read more
August 15, 2017 4:45 PM
Are you a veteran Google Classroom user? Is your school using Google Classroom for the first time with the coming school year? Science Buddies' Google Classroom integration is a powerful tool for science teachers and your science class! Plus, it's completely free! Give the "Create Assignment" button a try this summer while you plan for back to school. Use the "Create Assignment" button to add Scence Buddies' free projects and resources to your Google… Read more
January 11, 2017 9:00 PM
Did better productivity and classroom organization make your New Year's resolutions list for your science class? Give our Google Classroom Integration a try to make it easier than ever to assign and manage science projects with Science Buddies! More and more classrooms are shifting the balance between printed handouts and the use of paperless and digital environments. If your school uses Google Classroom, our Google Classroom Integration tools allow you… Read more
October 17, 2016 6:30 PM
Teachers can take advantage of new, interactive tools at Science Buddies to assess student understanding of the Scientific Method. New quizzes help teachers assess student learning and can be easily added to Google Classroom as student assignments. The Scientific Method At Science Buddies, students in grades K-12 can learn about doing a science project from start to finish. When it is time to select a project, students can choose from more than 1,100 scientist-authored project… Read more
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