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April 1, 2022 6:00 AM
Colorful Peeps candies are popular Spring treats. Put your extras to use with one of these five easy science activities for some bunny-inspired STEM fun. We've shared ideas in the past for egg boiling and egg dyeing, fun and unusual egg shapes, and even using the Ping Pong Catapult for launching plastic eggs. Egg science can be a lot of fun! This year, our scientists have Peeps® on the brain. If you have extra marshmallow Peeps in coming weeks,… Read more
March 23, 2022 6:00 AM
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to explore robotics with students. From designing and building simple robots to thinking about how robots can be used to solve real-world problems, these hands-on projects help students gain circuit-building and robotics engineering skills. The free STEM lessons, projects, and activities below help introduce students to robotics, robotics engineering, and the kinds of algorithmic thinking used to program,… Read more
March 22, 2022 8:00 AM
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to help K-12 students think about and experiment with designing and training self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles. Teach About Self-Driving Cars Once thought of as something only in science fiction or the future, technologies that support self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles are in development. While fully autonomous vehicles are not yet mainstream, the number of cars being produced with… Read more
March 21, 2022 8:00 AM
Celebrate spring with these free lessons and activities for enriching hands-on STEM related to spring weather, flowers, plants, and more! STEM Activities to Explore Spring Themes to Science Class After the winter months, the return of spring brings fresh patterns of weather, animal behavior, plant growth, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for students to explore science with activities related to spring! Spring is a Season Birds … Read more
March 15, 2022 8:00 AM
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to explore weather science and climate with K-12 students. Weather science appears at various points in the K-12 science curriculum. Many elements of weather are easily observable by students of all ages, which makes teaching introductory weather concepts accessible to even the youngest of students. Evidence of "weather" can be felt in the air (do you need a jacket today?), observed in how a kite flies or how… Read more
March 11, 2022 6:00 AM
Bring on the luck of the Irish with these six fun, hands-on STEM projects for St. Patrick's Day! From the magical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow to lucky charms, leprechauns, shamrocks and more, St. Patrick's Day is brimming with opportunities to tweak science and engineering activities to fit the day. Try one of these green picks for chemistry, engineering, and physics fun with students of all ages: Leprechaun Snot: It just takes a bit of… Read more
March 10, 2022 8:00 AM
This teacher turned a DIY ski lift engineering project into a winter-themed exploration of simple machines with her 6th-grade students. Inspiring Students About STEM Lisa Sama has been teaching engineering at Luther Burbank Middle School in Lancaster, MA for almost 20 years. In Massachusetts, engineering is included in statewide testing, so all middle school students benefit from engineering classes. While meeting curriculum goals tied to… Read more
March 7, 2022 8:00 AM
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to explore paper circuits with K-12 students. Teach About Circuits! With "paper circuits," students can learn about circuits and design and build basic circuits on a piece of paper. Paper circuits are great for introducing students to circuits because the materials are simple. With copper tape, an LED, and a coin cell battery, students can assemble a circuit, learn about open and closed circuits, and make an… Read more
March 3, 2022 6:00 AM
Try these clever STEM activities to connect hands-on science and engineering to the ever-popular world of Mario! Let's-a go! Your kids and students probably know Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and the Mario World gang, and chances are you do, too! March 10 is Mario Day, so known because in the right typeface, M A R 1 0 looks like M A R I O. (Once you see it, you see it!) This is the kind of clever… Read more
March 1, 2022 8:00 AM
As college basketball prepares for the March Madness spring championship, students can investigate basketball science and the math and physics behind hoops success. March Madness Sports Science Great hands-on sports science projects help students explore science, physics, and math principles at work in the sports they love to play and watch. When it comes to basketball and March Madness, students can bounce through physics experiments related to… Read more
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