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Colorful Candy Science

Too much candy after Halloween? Put some of your trick-or-treat candy to scientific use with a hands-on project. This crowd-pleasing STEM activity turns colorful candies into a visual treat for students and a lesson in molecular diffusion.

Four photos show the colors from hard-shell candies mixing on a plate

Candy Science: Just Add Water! Hands-on K-12 STEM. www.sciencebuddies.org

Simple Candy STEM

All you need to do this science activity is colorful candies, a small bowl (or plate), and water. Line the candies up in a ring around the edge of the bowl, slowly pour water into the center of the bowl, and watch what happens!

Whether you use stopwatches to time the reaction with different kinds of candies, test different temperatures of water, or just enjoy the flow of color that appears, this is a fun STEM activity for all ages!

Get full step-by-step directions and learn more about the science behind this activity in this week's featured family science activity: Candy Rainbow

What colorful designs will you create? Which candies work best? What is the biggest design you can create?

For additional inspiration, see the designs this family created when they did this science activity at home.

Science They can See

Take a closer look at the colorful reaction in this timelapse video:

Candy Diffusion Art

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