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Cybersecurity Resource Guide for Educators

A new handout helps teachers plan classroom activities about cybersecurity and tie important real-world learning and exploration in with STEM careers.

Today's students are living their lives online. Warnings about blue light and lack of sleep abound, but beyond health and emotional wellness issues related to growing up in an always-online world, students need to be savvy and vigilant about online safety and cybersecurity. The issues are more far-reaching than simply reminding students to be cautious in online environments, and teaching kids about online safety is important in the classroom as well as at home.

With more and more schoolwork being assigned in online spaces and using online tools and digital classroom environments, most students have a growing mix of social and school accounts. Teachers can help students more safely navigate online spaces by talking about cybersecurity and engaging students in group activities and games that help highlight how easy it can be for private information to be stolen and for passwords to be cracked.

Free Cybersecurity Resource Guide

As an online provider of K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) materials for students, Science Buddies cares about the online safety of all students. With support from Symantec Corporation, Science Buddies has created a handout for teachers that highlights hands-on Lesson Plans, independent student science projects, and STEM career information related to cybersecurity.

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Science Buddies' resources in cybersecurity are supported by Symantec Corporation.


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