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Mechanical Science Scissor Lift

Kids can experiment with physics and mechanical engineering at home or in the classroom by making a fun cardboard scissor lift.

Build a Mechanical Science Scissor Lift

Explore Mechanical Science

Simple devices and machines can be used to help solve everyday problems. A scissor lift is a device that can fold up compactly but can extend to a great length. This kind of device uses a system of mechanical linkages and can stretch out or contract with an accordion-like motion.

In the Build a Cardboard Scissor Lift family science activity, students can experiment with mechanical linkages by building their own scissor lift using cardboard strips and push pins.

After building a simple cardboard scissor lift, students are challenged to investigate how far this kind of lift can stretch and remain stable. What kinds of design changes might help improve the stability of a scissor lift?

Making Connections

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