These free hands-on STEM activities are a great way for even the youngest of students to begin exploring science and engineering.

Grid of images from 15 hands-on STEM activities for preschool kids, including walking water, candy diffusion, kazoo, making craters, milk magic, and more

Free Science Activities for Preschool

The following science activities from Science Buddies' library of STEM Activities for Kids are perfect for letting preschool kids get hands-on with science:

  1. Make a Lemon Volcano: combine baking soda with lemon (citric acid) to create a bubbling volcano.
  2. Elephant Toothpaste: mix water and dry yeast with hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to create a fun (and messy!) toothpaste-like cascade.
  3. Gear Up Your Candy: use gumdrop candies and recycled lids to explore interlocking gears.
  4. Build a Bird Feeder to Study Birds: use a recycled plastic jug to make a bird feeder.
  5. Build A Wall Marble Run: use cardboard tubes, tape, and other recycled materials to create a track for a marble to go from start to finish.
  6. Building Block Towers: explore what changes can be made when building a tower to increase stability as it gets taller.
  7. Can You Catch a Bubble?: use science to find out how you can catch a bubble without it popping.
  8. Can You Kazoo?: make a kazoo from a cardboard tube.
  9. Candy Rainbow: see what happens when colorful candy coatings dissolve in water.
  10. Colorful Patterns in Melting Ice: use a block of ice for a colorful science activity.
  11. Creating Craters: drop balls into a tray of flour to explore craters.
  12. How Well Do You Wash Your Hands?: use washable paint to practice good hand washing skills.
  13. Oobleck: A Recipe for a Mesmerizing Mixture: explore this fun Non-Newtonian substance that behaves like a liquid and a solid.
  14. Walking Water: use paper towels and science to make water travel from one cup to another.
  15. Make a Milk Rainbow: use milk, food coloring, and soap to create a magical rainbow display on the surface of the milk.

Get Inspired with STEM Videos

The following videos are from the activities mentioned above. Short videos like these are a great way for students to see what's involved in a project or activity before starting.

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