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The Physics of Fake Blood

How can physics help you mix up the ickiest fake blood to gross out your friends this Halloween? Head to the kitchen to find out!

Photo collage of children mixing together fake blood from various syrups and food coloring

Use physics to mix up the most believable fake blood. www.sciencebuddies.org

In this week's Fake Blood made Scientific, families get a chance to mix up something icky, gross, and gory—fake blood.

Perfect for Halloween week, this activity lets kids explore how the viscosity of different ingredients relates to how realistic and effective fake blood will be. With a bunch of kitchen foods on hand, can you make a batch of fake blood that might pass as the real thing? What characteristics are important to consider? What ingredients work best and why?

Depending on your plans for dressing up for Halloween this year, this science exploration may be just what you need for your costume!

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