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10 Fun Wintry Science Activities

Don't let winter weather put the freeze on your science class! Try one of these wintry science projects or activities with your students for exciting snow, ice, and cold weather-themed science.

Photo collage of four winter and ice themed science projects

Ten Winter Science Activities!

Note: For an updated collection of winter-themed science and engineering activities and lessons, see Winter Science Projects, Lessons, and Activities.
  1. Foaming Fake Snow: mix up fake snow and make snow people or other small sculptures. Then see what happens when you pour vinegar over each "snow" creation. Be sure and take photos of the creations before you "melt" them!
  2. Use Chemistry to Lift Ice Cubes: learn more about freezing and melting with this simple activity. Can a simple piece of yarn lift an ice cube?
  3. What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?: why do snow trucks spread a mixture of sand and salt on roads? Explore the chemistry involved in keeping roads clear of ice.
  4. Hit the Slopes: Build Your Own Ski Lift: use the engineering design process to design and build a ski lift from ordinary materials.
  5. How to Grow the Best Crystals: grow crystals in winter-themed shapes using Borax and water.
  6. Slippery Slopes and Sticking Surfaces: Explore the Forces of Friction: explore the role friction plays in keeping shoes and tires from sliding on icy roads and walkways.
  7. The Reasons for the Seasons: use graph paper and a flashlight to investigate the role the tilt of the Earth plays in creating the seasons.
  8. Slip Sliding Away: Experimenting with Friction: investigate why chains on tires help improve driving safety in snow and ice.
  9. How Do Melting Polar Ice Caps Affect Sea Levels?: explore the science of melting and see what happens to sea levels if the ice at the North or South Pole melts.
  10. Make Ice Cream in a Bag: the thought of ice cream may make your teeth chatter in the winter, but making ice cream is a great way to explore the science of freezing. If ice cream sounds good but the cold doesn't, consider an "Alaskan" spin with the Bake Your Ice Cream activity.

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