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Different methods of sanitization Different methods of sanitization I would like to do an experiment testing the effectiveness of different disinfectant methods. For example hand sanitizer, regular soap, antibacterial soap, scented soap, UVC, Lysol, Clorox, bleach, Iodine, etc. Would it be more beneficial to use a specific strain of bacteria or simply do a general swab? I would like this to simulate a real-world scenario. I would also like to make the project more complex if possible. I am… Read more
Gel electrophoresis and PCR Gel electrophoresis and PCR Does anyone have any ideas on how I could incorporate gel electrophoresis and PCR into my science fair project? Thank you in advance Read more
Spatial Modeling Spatial Modeling For this year's science fair project, I wanted to look into creating a spatial model to represent the spread of COVID-19 right now as compared to the months following a vaccine. How would I create a spatial model and how would I incorporate various prevention measures? Thank you in advance! Re: Spatial Modeling I know there was a project done at ISEF a few years ago utilizing a gravity spacial model for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. I would like to… Read more
Question That My Teacher Couldn't Answer - Plants Question That My Teacher Couldn't Answer - Plants What are pith rays and vascular rays in plants? What are their differences and what are their jobs? Read more
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Need Help Need Help Hello For my science fair which is in 27 days I am thinking of using a digital camera to measure sky glow which basically means i'm going around at night taking photos to measure when is the best time to star gaze but i don't know if it is a project that has enough science in it to do it for the science fair. Read more
Is 'reincarnation' possible by rearranging atoms? Is 'reincarnation' possible by rearranging atoms? If no matter can be created or destroyed, is it an inevitability that we will all continue consciousness long, long after our deaths because one day, our atoms will rearrange themselves? I know that time was created by the big bang, and could end with the big crunch- but if one bang happened, it is likely to happen again, which is why I am assuming that time is eternal. I also know that it… Read more
Need help with data analysis project- I have a lot of questions and theres a lot to read pls answer by december 1st :C Need help with data analysis project- I have a lot of questions and theres a lot to read pls answer by december 1st :C My project is a data analysis project and my question/ topic I'm trying to find out is "Can serum TDP-43 serve as a biomarker for frontotemporal lobar degeneration" Is there anyone in science buddies that count help me and guide me through this… Read more
I need some help picking a topic. I need some help picking a topic. Hello, This is my first year researching and I've been really stuck and confused on what my project idea should be like. I'm interested in psychology but I can't seem to find anything that I can do that is still feasible. I might even switch topics, I'm not sure what I should do. If you can help thank you Re: I need some help picking a topic. Hi there! It's amazing that you have started to think about researching and… Read more
Edible Water Bottle Project Edible Water Bottle Project Hello all, Do you think that a project involving creating edible water bottles and studying their impact on the environment compared to other types of water bottles is a suitable level of difficulty for a grade 10 student? In addition, what could I change in the making of the edible water bottles in order to have an independent and dependent variable, etc...? Thanks for the help and all the best, Jasper Re: Edible Water Bottle… Read more
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