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Celebrate Engineers Week with 15+ Hands-on STEM Projects

Science Buddies has great ideas for engineering projects and activities you can do with your students to celebrate Engineers Week. With the right project, integrating a hands-on STEM activity is something all teachers can do!

  1. Marble Machine
  2. Art Bot: Build a Wobbly Robot That Creates Art
  3. Balloon-Powered Car Challenge
  4. Build a Gumdrop Geodesic Dome
  5. Milk Does Your Body and a Boat Good—Design Your Own Milk Carton Boat
  6. LED Dance Glove: Get the Party Started with Your Own Interactive Light Show
  7. Let's Go Fly a Kite!
  8. Flippy, the Dancing Robot
  9. Rocking the Boat
  10. Get Crafty — Create Your Own Durable Paper Doll
  11. Make a "Whirlybird" from Paper
  12. Separating Mixtures: Can You Design a Device to Do It?
  13. Make a Paper Circuit
  14. Squishy Circuits: Light Up Your Play Doh® Creations!
  15. Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand Using Drinking Straws
  16. Build a Paper Speaker
  17. Crash! Can Cell Phones Survive a Drop Test?
  18. Build a Brushbot
  19. Build a Water Clock to Show the Drip, Drip, Drip of Time
  20. Keeping You in Suspens(ion)
  21. The Leaning Tower of Pasta
  22. Do Submarines Need Fins?
  23. Paper Rocket

Other Engineering Projects

For other engineering projects to do with students, see these resource collections:

Science Buddies Engineering Challenge

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15+ STEM Projects for EWeek

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