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Engineering Projects to Celebrate Girl Day

Take time this Engineers Week to encourage a girl to try an engineering project or activity!

Eweek Girls Day / Engineering Projects to Celebrate Girls

Today is Girl Day, an exciting part of Engineers Week! Girl Day is a wonderful reminder to educators and parents around the world that talking with girls about engineering careers, introducing them to engineering role models, and engaging them with creative and hands-on engineering activities can help them see the exciting potential for science, technology, engineering, and math to help solve problems.

Science Buddies is proud to support and encourage millions of girls around the world in their desire to explore hands-on engineering projects and activities using the resources available on the Science Buddies website.

Our scientists work hard to develop content that will appeal to and excite girls, as well as boys. Our library of project ideas contains more than 1,100 projects suitable for K-12 student exploration, regardless of gender.

Help encourage girls to explore and embrace STEM. Check out one of the following projects or activities and plan to spend time talking with a girl, doing an engineering activity, or brainstorming and creating something new in response to a local problem or challenge.

Creative Engineering Projects

Blog Posts

Student STEM in Action

Book Reviews

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Eweek Girls Day / Engineering Projects to Celebrate Girls

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