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Four Fun Builds in One BlueBot Robotics Kit!

If giving kids something "to do" is a tradition in your house, consider this multi-use robotics kit. With multiple projects and guided directions at Science Buddies, the BlueBot Kit offers plenty of enriching robotics engineering fun to last the entire winter break and beyond!

A guard bot, light-tracking robot, line-following robot and obstacle-avoiding robot side-by-side

One Kit, Four Robots

The BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Kit comes with the electronics parts kids need to build four different robots, each with its own sensor-driven behavior. Which one will be your student's favorite? Try them all and find out!

Science Buddies offers a range of great robotics projects from introductory toothbush-head bristlebots, vibrobots, and junkbots to more advanced light-tracking and solar-powered robots. All of these projects fit into a stepwise continuum of robotics engineering learning, but the BlueBot is a fan favorite for robotics enthusiasts of all ages.

The BlueBot kit is a great choice for students both for school science and engineering projects and just for fun. The kit's bright blue chassis provides the base for an oversized three-wheeled robot. The BlueBot's size makes it a lot of fun. Plus, this isn't a robot that will get lost under the couch in the same way a toothbrush head robot might. The BlueBot also uses larger motors, giving the BlueBot surprising speed, which kids love. This speed is especially exciting in projects like the Motion-activated Guard Robot BlueBot. In addition, BlueBot projects use more sophisticated circuits that the introductory robots. These projects provide a guided but satisfying build for students who are ready to extend their skills with more complicated robotics projects.

A Versatile Kit

The BlueBot: 4-in-1 Robotics Kit contains the specialty materials needed for the following BlueBot robots. Each robot features a different kind of sensor and/or behavior.

Build Now, Science Project Later

BlueBot projects can work both as at-home robotics exploration or as a science or engineering project for a school assignment (depending on the assignment requirements). Your student can build the different BlueBot models (one at a time) for fun and then come back later to do more in-depth testing of any of the BlueBots for a science project investigation or engineering design project.

BlueBot in Action

For an up-close look at the BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Kit, see the following posts on the Science Buddies Blog: Build a BlueBot Over Break, Build a BlueBot Guard Robot, and The Obstacle-Avoiding BlueBot.

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