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Halloween Robots

Build your own Halloween-inspired robots as a class, after-school, or family robotics activity!

Simple Robots Offer Multi-level Exploration

Robots can be incredibly complex and sophisticated in both design and function. But all you need to make a simple vibrating robot (a vibrobot) is a battery and a motor. With basic electronics parts in hand, students can create toothbrush-head Bristlebot robots. As shown in the photos above, toothbrush heads are optional! Students can get creative with vibrobots and explore all kinds of different materials for robot bodies, arms, and legs. How will a robot with pipe cleaner legs move compared to a robot with legs made from straws or paperclips? Put it to the test to find out!

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Bristlebot Kit

The Bristlebot Kit contains the specialty parts needed to make the kind of vibrating robots shown above, toothbrush-head Bristlebots, the ArtBot, or the BrushBot. Depending on the project or activity, you will need assorted craft materials.

More Robotics and Halloween Fun

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