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5 STEM Activities with Marshmallow Peeps

Colorful Peeps candies are popular Spring treats. Put your extras to use with one of these five easy science activities for some bunny-inspired STEM fun.

Photo collage of five projects based on the colorful Peeps candy

We've shared ideas in the past for egg boiling and egg dyeing, fun and unusual egg shapes, and even using the Ping Pong Catapult for launching plastic eggs. Egg science can be a lot of fun!

This year, our scientists have Peeps® on the brain.

If you have extra marshmallow Peeps in coming weeks, try one of these five hands-on science activities. For each activity, simply substitute Peeps for whatever material was originally used. Our scientist used bunny-shaped Peeps, but students can experiment with classic chicks or other shapes, too!

  1. Candy Diffusion: just add water!
  2. Balancing Act: can you balance the Peeps?
  3. Popsicle Stick Catapult: turn launching into a fun game. How accurate are your launches?
  4. Solubility Science: which solution will dissolve Peeps the fastest?
  5. Make a Parachute: use a Peep and a homemade parachute to explore air resistance and create a safe landing.

See these experiments in action in this fun science video:

5 Science Experiments You Can Do With Peeps

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