Science Buddies' free Lesson Plans can help you teach students about sound with fun, hands-on activities.

A tissue box, two pencils and rubber band

Explore sound science with rubber band guitars and other hands-on STEM activities!

Teaching about sound can be a real challenge. You can't (usually) see sound, so students sometimes struggle to understand the physics of sound waves. Science Buddies has free NGSS-aligned Lesson Plans for elementary and middle school teachers to help students explore (and, in some cases, see) the science of sound.

From making and playing rubber-band guitars to using your voice to send candies dancing across a surface, students can learn more by getting hands-on with sound science activities. Our free STEM Lesson Plans show you how to integrate these activities in the classroom!

Teach about sound:

Put sound science to use:

  • Block That Noise! (grades 6-8): Once students understand more about sound, challenge them to find ways to block or absorb sound.

  • Send That Signal! (grade 4): Investigate ways to transmit information so that it can be picked up across a room by a phone using Google's Science Journal app. Using sound is one approach students can try!

  • Measuring Heart Rate with Your Own Stethoscope (grade 4): Students use what they know about sound to make and test a simple stethoscope to hear someone's heartbeat.

Short Sound Science Activities

For short hands-on activities students and families can do at home to explore sound, see the following:

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