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3 STEM Projects for Valentine's Day

Put Valentine's Day-themed candies to use in science class with one of these fun hands-on STEM activities.

Three STEM projects for Valentine's Day, including candy hearts that dance in carbonated water, a robot decorated with craft materials to deliver candy, and colorful candy diffusion chemistry in a bowl.

Conversation hearts, candies, and a robot that delivers!

It is easy to give a Valentine's Day spin to hands-on science and engineering activities with students. Candies in Valentine's Day colors work well for a range of science projects, and many engineering projects can be recast for Valentine's Day by making colored papers, tape, and craft materials available. For liquid-based projects, add a few drops of red or pink food coloring to add Valentine's spirit.

Three STEM Projects for Valentine's Day

Plan ahead for a fun Valentine-themed science exploration with one of these science and engineering activities:

  1. Dancing Candy Hearts
  2. Candy Rainbow
  3. Build a Simple Special Delivery Robot for Valentine's Day

For even more great hands-on science projects and activities for Valentine's Day, see 12 Valentine's Day STEM Activities and 10+ Valentine's Day Candy Science Projects.

See These STEM Activities in Action

The videos below demonstrate these science activities. If it isn't possible to get hands-on with these STEM activities next week, viewing and discussing the videos can still bring a bit of Valentine's Day into your STEM conversations! (Tip! Google Classroom teachers can assign this post for each access to the three videos.)

Valentine's Day Candy Delivery Robot
Candy Diffusion Art
Dancing Candy Hearts

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