Put Valentine's Day-themed candies to use in science class with one of these fun hands-on STEM activities.

Three STEM projects for Valentine's Day, including candy hearts that dance in carbonated water, a robot decorated with craft materials to deliver candy, and colorful candy diffusion chemistry in a bowl.

Conversation hearts, candies, and a robot that delivers!

It is easy to give a Valentine's Day spin to hands-on science and engineering activities with students. Candies in Valentine's Day colors work well for a range of science projects, and many engineering projects can be recast for Valentine's Day by making colored papers, tape, and craft materials available. For liquid-based projects, add a few drops of red or pink food coloring to add Valentine's spirit.

Three STEM Projects for Valentine's Day

Plan ahead for a fun Valentine-themed science exploration with one of these science and engineering activities:

  1. Dancing Candy Hearts
  2. Candy Rainbow
  3. Build a Simple Special Delivery Robot for Valentine's Day

For even more great hands-on science projects and activities for Valentine's Day, see Free Valentine's Day STEM Activities and 10+ Valentine's Day Candy Science Projects.

See These STEM Activities in Action

The videos below demonstrate these science activities. If it isn't possible to get hands-on with these STEM activities next week, viewing and discussing the videos can still bring a bit of Valentine's Day into your STEM conversations! (Tip! Google Classroom teachers can assign this post for each access to the three videos.)

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