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Try one of these 14+ robotics projects for National Robotics Week!

Students can have a lot of fun building, testing, and personalizing robotics projects and can learn about electronics, engineering design, and circuit building at the same time. Our robotics engineering collection has great hands-on robotics projects to explore during National Robotics Week or any time!

Photo collage of fourteen different types of robotics projects

Fourteen Plus Robotics Projects for K-12 Students. Hands-on STEM with Science Buddies. www.sciencebuddies.org

Update! For an updated collection of resources for teaching and exploring robotics with K-12 students, see 25+ Robotics Projects, Lessons, and Activities.

Robotics Science Collection

  1. Art Bot: Build a Wobbly Robot That Creates Art
  2. Build a Motion-Activated Guard Robot (BlueBot Project #1)
  3. Build a Speedy Light-Tracking Robot (BlueBot Project #2)
  4. Build a Zippy Line-following Robot (BlueBot Project #3)
  5. Build an Obstacle-Avoiding Robot (BlueBot Project #4)
  6. Build a Light-Tracking Bristlebot
  7. Build a Solar-Powered Bristlebot
  8. Climb Every Mountain with Your Own LEGO® Cable Car
  9. Design and 3D-Print Your Own Robot!
  10. Eco-Friendly Squishy Robots
  11. Flippy, the Dancing Robot
  12. Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand Using Drinking Straws
  13. Racing Bristlebots: On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!
  14. Robots to the Rescue! Build & Test a Search-and-Rescue Robot
  15. Squishy Robots: Build an Air-Powered Soft Robotic Gripper
  16. Take a Hike: Train Your Robot Dog to Walk with a Virtual Leash
  17. Use the Force! Push & Pull Robots With an Invisible Force
  18. Build a Simple Underwater Robot
  19. Should My Robot be More or Less Squishy?
  20. Squishy Robot Simulator
  21. Stair Master: Build an All-Terrain Robot
  22. The Frightened Grasshopper: A Solar-Powered Robot Bug
  23. X Marks the Spot: Build a Robot to Protect Your Treasures

Additional Resources for K-12 Robotics Exploration

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