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Nine creative science projects to make and give!

A cloth decorated with colorful ink dots is stretched over a cup and held with a rubber band

Nine creative science projects to make and to give!

Note: See Holiday STEM Projects to Make and Give for our updated Make and Give collection!

Pairing science learning with creative projects that students can keep at the end of the activity is a win-win for students. Whether they make something to use or to display, finishing a science activity and taking home the results is always fun. At this time of year, there are many science activities that can also do double duty for sharing and gift giving.

Here are nine suggestions for science projects and STEM activities that appeal to students who love to make things or do art projects—to keep or to give! These ideas can work well in the classroom or at home. Teachers and parents will love that there is plenty of science to explore in the process!

  1. Tie-Dye T-shirts or Ornaments: tie-dye fabric or T-shirts using permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. You can use the same process and your favorite colors to make ornaments or holiday decorations. (See our example.)
  2. Make Paper Marbled Cards: use shaving cream, food coloring, and paper to create colorful marbled cards.
  3. Grow Crystal Ornaments: shape pipe cleaners into fun shapes and grow colorful crystals to display.
  4. Design a Cell Phone Stand: explore engineering design while creating a functional cell phone stand from ordinary materials.
  5. Make Bath Bombs: explore the science behind making the fizziest bath bombs.
  6. Sew Light-up Clothing: use the principles of wearable circuits to sew a light-up glove or fun light-up patches that are great for adding to backpacks or book bags. (See our patch examples here and here.)
  7. Mix Up Your Own Lip Balm: experiment with the recipe for homemade lip balm to find the formula that works best.
  8. Make Cards that Light Up: use copper tape, paper, and simple electronics parts to create light-up pictures and cards. (See our example.)
  9. Make Beads and Trinkets from Milk: explore polymers and turn milk into plastic that can be shaped into fun beads or ornaments. (Lesson Plan available!)

Share Your Story!

If you or your students do any of these activities, let us know! We would love to hear about your experience and share your story with the Science Buddies community. Reach out to us at scibuddy@sciencebuddies.org and let us know about your science project or activity.

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