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Free STEM Activities for Classroom, Remote, Hybrid, Pod Learning!

Looking for science activities to engage students with STEM? Remote learning? Hybrid? Considering a learning pod? We have more than 200 free, hands-on science and engineering activities perfect for home, the classroom, and anywhere in between!

Examples from library of more than 200 student science activities, including paper roller coaster, homemade thermometer, vortex air cannon, paper rockets, and an anemometer from paper cups

Science Buddies has more than 200 free science and engineering activities to help explore STEM with kids. Whether you will be teaching remotely, in the classroom, in a hybrid system, or as part of a learning pod, these activities can be a cornerstone for exploring STEM with students, and Science Buddies' resources are always free.

As you plan your learning modules and pick activities for the upcoming school year, we know that this free library of short science experiments offers a treasure trove of readymade science instruction from which you can pick and choose to create an exciting lineup of STEM exploration.

Tip: To learn more about the format of our STEM Activities and how to use them with students, see Simplified STEM Activities Help Fill Gap for Online, Remote, Hybrid Learning.

Finding the STEM You Need

On the STEM Activities for Kids page, you can browse all activities by various thematic categories designed to spark interest in kids and their families. To make it even easier for educators to find activities that fit specific curriculum needs, we've sorted the list below by areas of science.

STEM Activities for Kids Sorted by Areas of Science

Browse all STEM Activities for Kids

Free STEM Lesson Plans for Educators

In addition to the 200+ STEM Activities, there are also more than 100 Lesson Plans developed specifically for educators. With NGSS-alignment, background materials, and supplement resources, including worksheets and assessment materials, these lessons provide additional guidance and extra scaffolding for educators.

To learn more about using Science Buddies Lesson Plans, see: How to Use a Science Buddies Lesson Plan.

Stay Up to Date with New Releases

Our team of scientists work year-round developing new materials to support you and your students. New Lesson Plans, STEM Activities, and Project Ideas are released on an ongoing basis, and we are always working on new curated collections to help you find the materials you need to plan and lead successful and engaging STEM learning opportunities.

We highlight new materials in our free newsletter, which is sent once (and sometimes twice) a week to all educators who are registered on the Science Buddies site. (Registration is free!) We also share highlights at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We encourage you to follow us in the social media spaces you use and tag us to let us know how you use Science Buddies!

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